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    Can I create a single combined PDF of several images on my android device using either Adobe Acrobat DC or Document Cloud?


      I have purchased a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Standard for my desktop and have downloaded the Adobe Acrobat DC app on my android device. I have also signed up for Document Cloud. My question is how can I, or is it even possible to, create a single combined PDF on my android device using either the Adobe Acrobat DC app or the Document Cloud via mobile Chrome browser. I can create a combined PDF using document cloud from my computer as I can control click more than one file, can't do that on mobile phone. I would prefer not to have to individually select each image I want to convert, and then combined it all into a single PDF as that would be way to cumbersome and maybe I couldn't even do that anyway because I can't control click still on phone. Also, when I choose the organize pages option in Adobe Acrobat DC app on my phone, it says I have to sign up for a subscription to Acrobat Pro..? Can I really not arrange pages on my mobile device and combine several file into one PDF unless I have Acrobat Pro, yet I can do it both on the desktop software and the Document Cloud? This doesn't seem to make any sense other than Adobe is excluding a specific feature they expect many people may want to use to force people to pay a higher monthly subscription for one added feature? If I've missed something and this capability exists any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!