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    LR hangs when after editing .tif image try to edit .NEF file

    odelama Level 1

      LR CC Trial hang ups after:


      1. Open LR CC
      2. Edit .tif file created by PS CC trial
      3. Go back to the grid of thumbnails
      4. Edit (try) a .NEF


      I am working with a catalog ex LR 5.4



      This is the four time in a row that happens this. Both photos are "normal" files (neither smart preview nor virtual copy).


      As a side observation. The CC application starter shows "0 days remaining"!! Which is not possible because LR CC was released few days ago. However, in the LR screen shot above, it says "29 days left..."



      I have tried disabling my antivirus software (ESET Smart Security v8) without success.




      PS CC hang up and during restarting it told me it was because a Graphic Card error, and it has disabled it. I have disabled the Graphic Card, also in LR, and I am not having problems so far.