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    Lightroom CC curves bug with Wacom Intuos Pro


      I have LRCC and a Wacom Intuos Pro on my i7 Macbook Pro.


      I can't smoothly move the curves in the Tone Curve module using my pen and tablet.  If I use my trackpad it works just fine.  I had this issue with LR5 and had to roll back my driver on my Wacom to 2 versions older to fix it.  Now that I've upgraded to LRCC, the problem is back. I've tried the newest drivers and the older ones as well. I can't seem to get them to move smoothly.  In fact, sometimes if I just click a point on the curve and hold the pen steady, it will start creeping to the right and up... even without moving it.


      Anyone else having this problem, and have you fixed it?



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