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    empty file




      it's the first time I use Edge... please be indulgent.

      so I made some animations. I finished it by a publishing. My HTML worked fine on safari & firefox.

      I put it on my server and sent it to someone else who's seen nothing : only the background color, black. yeaha I thought probably an IE compatibility...

      so I decided to take a look on my file. the problem is that when I open my files in Edge, there is nothing to see... the stage, the elements, the timeline, the previsualisation,... everything is empty. Even if I open the html in Edge. Same result as when I open the .an file... However the html is still working for me in safari and firefox...

      Is there a problem with my Edge application ? Or is there a bug in my files ? Or do I have to click on something to make it appear.. ?

      thanks in advance for your suggestions