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    Align text between columns with space after paragraphs.

    com_amy Level 1

      I am creating a proposal with a ton of text. I used to align everything to a baseline grid with justified type and indented paragraphs. Recently, however, I was asked to change the style to left aligned text with spaces between the paragraphs. The text flows into two columns per page, but I'll be damned if I can get the text to line up. I've tried different baseline grids as well as before and after spacing. I think my issue might be trying to keep paragraph spacing as half the leading. If my copy text leading and baseline are 14 or 7 pt, will a 7 pt paragraph space after work?


      My leading and pt size is below, if anyone can point me to a solution.


      • Body copy: 9 pt font/14 pt leading
        • Space before/after: 3.5/3.5
      • Subheaders: 10 pt font/ 14 pt leading
        • Space before/after: 7/3.5
      • Baseline: tried both 14 pt and 7 pt