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    Lightroom not starting is a non-acceptable problem


      I currently have a trial version of Lightroom on Windows 7 and after upgrading to Lightroom CC (2015) the program does not launch any longer. I have tried EVERYTHING that I could read in the forum (Please don't tell me to log out of CC and log in again. It does not help). If I am to depend on Lightroom for all my pictures from now on then I MUST be able to trust that it works! Allways! Today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. This kind of failiure (I am not the only one with this problem) is not acceptable. This should never be allowed to happen. No matter what I should ALWAYS be able to use the library module and access my photographs. I cannot beleive that Adobe makes such a fundamental error.


      What other programs would you recomend that I use instead? Are there any more reliable alternatives than Lightroom CC?