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    Color artifacts with A7s and A6000 files using Camera calibration profiles


      I'm seeing some really obvious chroma artifacts / false colors with RAW files from either a Sony A7s or A6000 when using any of the Adobe-provided Camera calibration profiles that emulate Sony's rendering.

      This seems to happen at any ISO, and is very frequent.

      If I use the Adobe Standard calibration profile then things look normal, but that's might just be because it produces rather desaturated images compared to the "sony" profiles.


      Prior to those Sony cameras I was using Nikon DSLRs for which I had somewhat similar issues when using the first version of the Nikon camera profiles.

      Those issues got fixed when Adobe released the "v4" camera profiles.


      Below are some examples without any adjustment, the only difference is the choice of camera calibration profile:

      Camera Landscape:



      Adobe Standard:



      Camera Standard:


      Adobe Standard:




      Camera Landscape:


      Adobe Standard: