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    lightroom cc quits on launch


      Lightroom cc (trial) quits after momentary appearance of splash screen.  Macbook air 2011 running 10.10.3.  Lightroom 5.7 works without a problem.  Lightroom cc runs on my iMac 5k without a problem.  Have tried reinstalling and signing in and out multiple times.

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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

          Hi Mark,


          Kindly try to sign out and sign back in to Creative Cloud and check if you are able to launch Creative Cloud or not.

          Sign in, Sign out | Creative Cloud desktop app


          Please share the results after trying the steps.



          Atul Saini

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            Hi Atul,


            I, and I think quite a number of others are still having this problem and it's getting just a wee bit frustrating! In my case, I downloaded the 5.7 trial through Creative Cloud just before LR CC replaced it. 5.7 launched with no problems. However LR CC quits after launch. The trial/license screen does appear but no splash screen. When I click "continue trial", LR quits immediately as seen in Task Manager (I am running Win 7.1 with 8Gb RAM). I have tried all suggested fixes I have come across including obviously logout/in to CC numerous times. I have a couple of queries.


            1. Is there any possibility that an incompatible graphics card could completely stop the launch bearing in mind that a) 5.7 works fine b) my NVIDIA GeForce 8400, though rather elderly,  is using OpenGL 3.3 and c) testing on my wife's laptop, there are no issues running even though her onboard intel graphics chip is clearly not compatible with GPU acceleration as it has to be disabled to display images in the Develop module.

            2. If the issue is some problem with the licensing, would converting it from CC into LR 6 by paying for a perpetual license definitely get round it (please note that as only an occasional PS user, the CC subscription is not worthwhile in my case as I have no need to update PS)? I assume that I have the 30 day refund guarantee otherwise.




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              I too am unable to load the Lightroom CC trial. When I attempt to launch the Application — Mac OS X 10.10.3, Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) — the splash screen pops up informing me I have 12 days left on my trial. When I click continue trial, the application quits crashes?). Lightroom 5 still launches as it should.


              Per your request, I signed out of Creative Cloud, signed back in, and clicked the "start 30 day trial of Lightroom CC" button. Tried to launch LRCC again, was presented with the "12 days remaining" splash screen and clicked the button to continue. Again, the application quit without notice. I searched the crash logs without success, so I have nothing to report on that front.


              So yes, I "tried turning it off, then turning it back on again."



              This part is for Adobe's eyes, users likely won't care about my petty complaints.


              I'm evaluating Lightroom as a potential replacement for Aperture and, until this point, was planning to subscribe to CC at the conclusion of my trial. I'm reconsidering because, to be frank, it seems that everything I remember about installing, maintaining and supporting (in a professional capacity) Adobe products likely remains true. Your suggestion that logging out, then back in would solve this suggests that authorization fail is still a thing. Unacceptable in software I've purchased and truly unacceptable in software I'm licensing. (I'll grant its quite possible that those holding CC licenses aren't seeing the problem, but I'll never know.)


              With the release of Snapseed 2.0 for iOS, supporting Apple's non-destructive workflow, I'm now reconsidering the convenience of Apple's Photos app, the availability of *all* my photos via iCloud Photostream, and the "good enough 95% of the time" processing available thru Nik/Google in Snapseed. I recognize many won't view this as a "professional" workflow, but I suspect it would suit me fine. (Note: If cloud sharing to LR Mobile supported smart folders, it would go a long way towards moving the needle back towards Lightroom—the ability to tag a photo to have it automatically available on my devices would be huge.)


              The icing on the cake—the login to this forum didn't support my password manager so I had to cut and paste my (long/random/complex password), and worse yet, to log in to the CC desktop app I had to type it by hand—like an animal. Serious fail.


              Anyhow, still pondering my options and unable to test your latest/greatest. The clock on my trial is ticking and I have limited time periods I can apply to this project.

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                Pattie-F Level 7



                If you are still  having problems running lightroom CC 2015 after installing it, please see the options in this link:
                Lightroom doesn't launch or quits automatically after splash screen




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                  jaberg64 Level 1

                  Solution two in the article Pattie links to—renaming the cache files—worked for me. Back to testing.