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    I am having Lightroom CC import problems.

    Stan Burman Level 1

      I am experiencing weird behavior in the Library Module, Grid View. On the first two occasions that I have downloaded and imported images from a CF card in a Nikon D810, I am getting strange sorting behavior. The images in Grid View are out of order from the sequence taken. Attempts to re-sort based on capture time and file name have been unsuccessful. And looking at the metadata it seems that some of the capture times are wrong. I have checked the time zone setting in the camera and re-formatted the card prior to shooting.


      In the first case the images showed up in weird order in the Lightroom Import Dialog. In the second case the images seemed to be in order in the Lightroom Import Dialog.


      Is there a LRCC bug that is causing metadata from a CF card to be read incorrectly?


      I am using a MacBook Pro early 2013 with OS X 10.3.3.