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    Issue with exporting JPGs

    Rivosyke Level 1

      Camera: Nikon D7100 Using 14-bit RAW   So somehow I've failed to notice that when I export after editing and using the resize option (to 2000x2000), the quality of the resulting JPEG is soft and lacking in detail/clarity that exists in the image in LR. Even when I export it without resizing, leaving it in the natively taken resolution, the clarity and sharpness is gone. I've tried using the sharpen for screen settings but it doesn't fix the basic issue of the softness/clarity. I thought it might be the JPG view I was using (the default photo viewer in windows 8), so I reimported it back into lightroom but it shows the same lack of clarity/sharpness.   Attached is a sample of the issue. One is a screenshot of how it looks in LR, the other how it exports. 100% Quality, 72 resolution (have tried the default of 240 and it didn't change anything), sRGB color space. Am I doing something wrong with exporting?


      LR Export Issue.png