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    RemoteObject help needed


      I'm fairly new to Flex. In the past I've created Flash applications that have used Flash Remoting to connect to ColdFusion MX and I've consumed .Net objects using Adobe's Flash Remoting.Net add-on. I need to build a Flex app to connect to either ColdFusion MX (Version: 6,1,0,63958) or our existing Flash remoting .Net.

      All of the resources I've found talk about using CF MX 7.0.2. We don't have that version, and we're not going to be able to purchase it. When I attempt to call a method using the below syntax against Flash Remoting.Net, nothing happens.

      <mx:RemoteObject id="pageService"
      endpoint=" http://mydomain.com/gateway.aspx"
      <mx:method name="GetPage" result="processResult(event.result)" />

      Again, nothing at all happens when I call pageService.GetPage(13) using the above syntax. Calling a CFC as follows:

      <mx:RemoteObject id="metricsCFC"
      endpoint=" http://mydomain/flashservices/gateway"
      <mx:method name="GetMetricsData" result="processResult(event.result)" />

      and calling metricsCFC.GetMetricsData() produces the following error: details (String): flashgateway.io.UnknownTypeException: Unknown object type tag (17)

      Again, both of these server-side methods are currently working fine in Flash 8 apps using Flash Remoting, so there are no issues with the server-side code or crossdomain.xml files.

      Can someone tell me a) if it's possible to use Flex's RemoteObject to call a CFC against CFMX 6.1 or Flash Remoting.Net, and if so, b) where a good resource would be to find example code, etc? I realize I can consume my CFC by calling it as a WebService, but I'd much prefer to use Flash Remoting instead.

      Thanks in advance,