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    LR6 increases workflow over LR5 workflow to get same result

    jamesdeanreeves Level 1

      I've discovered some very annoying changes within the first hour of use of LR 6.


      Library Module:

      • Right click photo context menu, Develope Setting and the Presets option is no longer available as a choice.  THis sux a big one as it stops you from easily doing a batch change for a preset.  I know it can be sync'd another way, but that way is more work than simply doing it as above. 


      Import Function has a big change (or maybe it's a bug):

      • LR 5 Import Window option for "Copy as DNG" that had description of "Convert to DNG in a new location and add to catalog".  This would import the RAW files as DNG and if the Build Previews option was selected on import, it would do all that in one operation - it imports as DNG, builds the previews and you're done.
      • LR 6 Import Window option for "Copy as DNG" has a different description of "Copy to new location, import, and convert to DNG".  What occurs is it imports the RAW file to the folder and converts the RAW to DNG, as it states.  The bump here (or bug maybe) is if the Build Preview is selected on import, it builds the previews off the RAW file BEFORE it converts to DNG, which means the Previews are lost and they have to be rebuilt off the DNG file afterwards.


      I thought upgrades to applications were meant to increase features & efficiency - the LR6 upgrade appears to have simply increased the workflow over what was needed in LR5 to achieve the same results. 


      Thanks, but I'll pass on LR 6 until Adobe get's the kinks worked out.