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    Lightroom 6 and Onedrive - no files!




      Think I've joined the creative cloud movement just at the wrong time!


      Had the trial of LR5 and when importing photos to a catalog (images based on onedrive) - all was fine.


      LR6 does not see the files to import - even though they are visible in Explorer. I know Onedrive does some 'clever' stuff, however in this instance - it works fine with 5.5 and doesn't with 6...


      Anyone got the same setup and got it working or is this a reasonably major  bug in 6? If so, anyone know how I can download LR5 under my CC plan whilst it's fixed as the trial works but obviously isn't licensed to me - can't see an option to download LR5 under the creative plan....


      Thanks for any advice!