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    Unintentional Develop Preset applied during Import - Lightroom CC (2015)

    BrianWilsonPhotographer Level 1

      This week (25th April 2015) I upgraded to LRCC (2015) on both Windows 8.1 and Mac OSX Yosemite and today I imported 400+ RAW images shot at a music gig last night into my Windows box.I don't use Import Presets, preferring to hand-specify my options at import time.


      Today, I chose my usual Develop Preset ... 'Lens Profile, Default', which does what it says on the tin - applies the default Lens Profile on import. It does nothing else ... or so I thought.


      After import I noticed all the images looked a bit 'weird' and I checked the History ... only the Default Lens Profile showed in History (apart from a 'From Metadata' entry which I'd not seen before, but assumed was a reference to the Keywords applied during import). The 'weirdness' was actually caused by another Develop Preset called 'Cavern in the Rock' (a custom preset I've designed myself) and, whether coincidence or not, happened to be the very first Preset in my list. Checking the Develop Setting on the right-side panels confirmed that all 400+ images had been imported with Cavern in the Rock applied.


      I checked the History of a random selection of 12 images; all showed the develop settings as applied, but none showed the Preset Name in the History panel. My custom 'Cavern in the Rock' present DOES have the 'Lens Profile, Default' preset included in it but that may be coincidence.


      I'm importing Canon CR2 RAW files from a 5D Mk III, converting to DNG and building 1:1 Previews.Adobe has changed the Import process in LRCC.

      I reverted to LR5.7 import to try it there, but it does the same thing now, which it definitely didn't do before! Have the Presets been upgraded as part of the move to LRCC?


      Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          tthe from metadata entry I believe means that it loaded settings from a xmp metadata file that it found next to your raw files. Are there any In the folder you are importing from? If you shot raw+JPEG, the instructions could be in the JPEG file.


          ANyway way this is easy to fix. Just select them all in the library grid view and hit reset. Then reapply the lens correction preset and sync.


          IT is possible that you inadvertently set a camera default.  You could try resetting those from preferences->presets if resetting the images doesn't go back to where it should.

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            BrianWilsonPhotographer Level 1

            Thank you @Jao+vdl, your answer helped me fix it. It was an xmp metadata file that caused the problem, but it wasn't living in the file import directory. Instead it was found in the ACR folders under 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Defaults.

            It's filename was 'Default - XXXXXXXXXXXXX.xmp' where 'XXXX' is a GUID. I don't use xmp sidecar files, preferring the DNG format which doesn't need separate xmp files to transfer LR data into other image editors, so I'm not entirely sure how it got there. Its possible, in LR 5.7 before my LRCC upgrade, I opened a CR2 file for editing in PS, thinking it was DNG. LR could have generated the xmp file in the ACR Default folder, to pass the develop data so it would appear in PS 'with Lightroom develop settings applied'.


            The same directory holds a 'Preference.xmp' file, so I left that file alone and deleted the other file. Fortunately, I still had the original CR2 files on the card, so I deleted the files from LRCC then re-imported and it all worked as it should.


            The method I used for triage was to open Bridge CC, with LRCC closed down, then view the files. I noticed that, after displaying thumbnails, the same effect was applied to the thumbs. This told me LRCC wasn't the source of the problem and Camera Raw was, because LR, Bridge and PS all share ACR. After that, a browse through the AppData directory revealed the rogue file.


            The triage helped me understand how LRCC's Import function has changed since 5.x. Now, files are first imported to the Catalogue as proprietary RAW files (CR2 in my case), then converted to DNG with the original CR2 file removed (unless you chose the import option to keep it), then ACR's 'Default - xxxxx.xmp' settings are applied, then any Import Develop Preset is applied and finally, Previews are generated. In terms of speed of import of LRCC vs LR5.x, overall its about the same, but the images are available faster for review because the CR2's are in the Catalogue before conversion.


            Thanks again.