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    Big problem in flex & html integration - drag&drop

    boliz Level 1
      I need to drag some object from html to Flash object but I cant get a grip on the Mouse events!!!
      When I enter a flash object with mouse pressed (from outside) the flash obj don’t know that I'm in it with mouse down!!
      I tried some work around using externalInterface like

      <object classid="clsi… " … onmouseenter="startDrag()" >

      But it didn’t solved it because I cant dispatch an mouse up event. (when I come from outside with the button pressed he doesn’t know that is mouse button is down).
      Can I make the flash to know that mouse is down manually when entering from outside?
      Is there any work around for this issue?

      Help me please.

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          peterent Level 2
          To my knowledge this isn't possible. The Flash Player runs within an object (eg, ActiveX for IE) within the browser/HTML page. But the Flash Player is limited to the events can receive from the outside.

          Post your question on the Flash forums as this is really a Flash issue. Someone there might be able to tell you how to this, if it is possible.
          • 2. Big problem in flex &amp; html integration - drag&amp;drop
            boliz Level 1
            i am working in flex, why it is impossible to trigger a mouseDown event from outside? and when you release the mouse in the flash it will fire...
            what i learn in my not long life is that their is nothing impossible!!
            you just need to think out of the box... if anyone have some solution to my problem i will be grateful!!!

            Edit: in FF i get the mouseUp event from the JS but on IE i wont.