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    Lightroom 5 update notification


      I've been getting an update screen popping up that just lead to Lightroom CC advertisements. Is there really an update? If so where is it found.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is not an update, but rather an upgrade. There are two paths you can take. One is to subscribe to the creative cloud and get Lightroom CC as well as Photoshop CC. The other option is to purchase Lightroom 6, which is a standalone upgrade. You apparently have found how to upgrade to the CC version. Here is the link to this standalone Lightroom 6: Products . Lightroom is near the bottom of the page, click on the Buy button, choose upgrade and follow the directions to order. The other option is to click on the "ignore these notifications" button in that dialogue if you want to simply continue using Lightroom 5, or whatever version you are using.