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    Lightroom 6 Update & Launchpad Issue




      I am using a fresh install of OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 on my MacBook Pro 11.1.


      I used until two days ago Lightroom 5 Standalone since I have no use for the Creative Cloud features.


      I purchased the update to Lightroom 6 and installed it on my Mac, besides being harassed by Adobe bloatware to verify my previous purchases despite having purchased every piece of software from the Adobe website directly, I also have a barrage of UNWANTED icons being displayed on Launchpad.


      Everything worked smooth with Lightroom 5, one app downloaded, installed and displayed in Launchpad.


      Can someone please advice where can I get an installation package of Lightroom 6 that behaves like Lightroom 5 without spamming my Launchpad with UNWANTED icons?


      Please no answers that blame Apple, I need a constructive solution, nothing else.


      Any kind of help is much appreciated.


      With kind Regards,


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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          There is only one installation package for Lightroom 6.

          It put exactly one icon in my Launch Pad. The icon for Lightroom 6. What other Icons are you seeing?


          "Bloatware"?  I haven't heard that term used in 15 years. Good times.

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            joushikijin Level 1

            Hello RikkFlohr and thanks for the quick reply.


            Below is a screen grab displaying my issue.


            Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 16.59.17.png

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              RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

              I don't have the four red Adobe Logo icons on the bottom left.  They look like leftover stuff from an installation.  Did you eject the installer?

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                joushikijin Level 1

                Thank you RikkFlohr,


                I tried everything possible and had my Mac reformatted twice in the process just to replicate the issue and my conclusion was to return the product since Adobe is not capable or does not care about providing a solution!


                It is a pity since the product itself is rather good but I am to picky about the way I like my setup and I use Mac products because they are streamlined and are not overloaded with icons and settings.


                Again something Adobe either does not understand or just simply does not care about.


                There are plenty of other companies who value my money more and they shall have it from now on.


                With kind Regards,


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                  I can confirm this problem. I'm running Lightroom 6.1, upgraded from Lightroom 6.0, which was a Standalone upgrade on Lightroom 5.x.


                  I have managed to partially fix this problem. I found and deleted /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager, which got rid of the icons but prevented Lightroom from starting ("Adobe Application Manager, required to run your product, is missing or damaged."). I downloaded and installed a new copy from http://www.adobe.com/go/applicationmanager (ApplicationManager9.0_all.dmg) which installed itself into /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager again. This time, however, the offending icons were confined to a folder in the Launchpad. Still not very clean (tsk, Adobe), but good enough.