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    Is there a Problem with Mac Pro and Pr 2014?

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I've run Pr since CS4 and upgraded to a 64bit PC a few years ago when Pr went 64bit.


      So far I've had PCs but I'm looking to invest a reasonable amount in my next upgrade. As such I thought I should consider biting the bullet and moving over to a Mac Pro as my custom built PCs have been noisy and not totally reliable (my current graphics card, the Nvidia Quadro FX3800 is really noisy - making VOs a bit difficult). As it seems Macs are quiet runners and that everyone I see are using Macs in various tutorials, I thought this might be the time to move platform and I'm exploring the possibility of buying a Mac Pro. However... when I started looking into the situation, it seems that Mac Pro maybe a problem after all with their AMD card, which seems to create crashes and cannot run Mercury GPU acceleration. Obviously if I'm about to invest £6/7k, I don't want to be no better (or worse off) than I am now (I may as well invest only a grand or two). Can anyone tell me if this is still a real problem with Mac Pros or not (or is the solution still being batted between Adobe, Apple and AMD)?






      Please, I do not want to get into an evangelical Mac vs. PC debate here; I know both have benefits and drawbacks. I'm just trying to evaluate the technical issues before I decide to move platform or stick with PCs.


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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Well right now the X99 platform with DDR4 and especially the 900 series Nvidia cards perform the best with GPU acceleration especially in Adobe. Cuda still far out performs open cl and has less issues since the development time has been far greater on Cuda. I would suggest that especially since OSX updates have been breaking open cl for many applications with less performance as well. Just because many stay Mac as a preference doesn't mean it's the best solution or without issues. Right now a nMPro cant perform anywhere near an X99 system until Apple updates their platform.




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            melf3182 Level 1

            I run a 6 core mac pro with 32gb ram. I've never had a problem with speed in Premier - I use it frequently. I'm cutting raw R3Ds in a 1080 timeline and 4k dslr footage no problem. All high resolution with lots of filters. I can work in a 4k timeline at half res, 1/4 with filters. I'm sure an equivalent priced PC will export faster, but I usually go make a cup of tea or sandwich when I'm rendering anyway! What I have had a problem with is plenty of crashes. I edit a lot of 5 minute ish videos and I'd say on average I end up with around 5 "copy of…." recovery versions. I've never lost any work though - the recovery has always been solid so its not a big deal since it takes about 20 seconds to reload premier after a crash. I'm not sure if this is mac specific or if Premier is buggy. I get the impression that plenty of people (mac and PCs) get crashes in premier fairly frequently. I've had to spend a disproportionally long amount of time on support with adobe (not just for premier) than for any other software I run. Kind of annoying, but not a show stopper by any means.

            I think one thing that is more openCL specific is issues with LUTS and Lumetri. My system slows down to totally unacceptable levels. I have to work in Software mode to get any kind of playback. But I think PC users have had some strange issues as well.

            Anyway, I think the general consensus is that if you're going to be a dedicated Ppro user then use a PC. You'll get better performance with more up to date technology for sure. I went with a mac because I use FCPX a lot (a much much more stable and enjoyable experience) and I'm a freelancer who is often asked to work with FCPX and still fcp7 for clients. Also 90% of my clients want pro res deliveries. There's a lot of reference to having a "balanced system" on the forums and I personally think that should include your general workflow and lifestyle, (incidentally the small form factor and portability are pluses for me as well), not just the hardware.

            Finally if you are going to go mac, never update unless you absolutely have to. And never until the updates been out a while. You're at the mercy of apple and they don't give a cr*p what compatibility issues you might have.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              A PC system setup right with Nvidia GPU does not crash in Premiere often if at all. The reason is Cuda is still far more stable right now especially with memory management in Adobe. Also Cuda works fine with Lumetri. There have been issues with that on the open cl side since it was added.