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    Why won't Lightroom 6 t export all of the selected images? And Lightroom 5 now freezes on startup!

    GardenersAssistant Level 1

      I have selected 70 images that I have processed and am trying to export them. Only 50 or so get exported. After finishing the export Lightroom puts up a dialog box saying "Some export operations were not performed. The file could not be opened (<number of files not exported>)", and then lists the file names of the images that were not exported.


      Watching the directory where the images are being exported with a file viewer while the export is in progress I can see that the images in the list (or at least icons for them) are in fact being created but are quickly deleted.


      I have tried restarting Lightroom, restarting Windows and optimising the catalogue. On one occasion after trying some combination of these the full export did work, but it hasn't worked again since then.


      This makes LR6 unusable. I want to revert to Lightroom 5 but this now brings up the "Upgrades are available" dialog box but won't respond to mouse clicks or keystrokes. I have to use Task Manager to shut it down.


      I am now well and truly stuck.