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    Doing a batch export in LR CC doesn't keep me in same attributes screen

    KPPhotoMT Level 1

      I just installed LR CC, and I've noticed that there seems to be a quirky little bug when exporting images. I normally like to go through my images, and narrow down to my selects with the star ratings. I'll then have my attributes show only the 3-starred images, for instance. I select just those 3-starred images that I'm now seeing and do a batch export to PSD files. However, once the export starts and once that first PSD file is created, I am automatically kicked back to the library view of ALL of my images, not just the 3-starred rating ones. I just find this to be an inconvenience as I can no longer make attribute selections stick during an export since I'm constantly kicked back to the view of ALL of my images. This happens in any kind of export situation.


      **4/28/15 Edit: it appears as though it's a bug with the "add to this catalog" option that you can check in the export settings. I've been able to export things fine when this is not checked. When it's checked, the export is extremely sluggish to start and then just dumps me back into the view with all my images visible, not just my selected ones.**


      Is there a setting I need to adjust here or is this a LR CC bug?


      Hoping there's some way to fix this.