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    'No Media Found' trying to insert images on Mac OS X with InDesign CS6

    gmasterton@mac.com Level 1

      Hello. I am having a problem with InDesign which has only recently happened and affects only Id. When I insert an image frame(s) and go to insert photos into them the dialogue box opens, I select my photos folder but am met with the message 'no media found'. I've searched for answers and have reset the preferences to no avail. Photoshop, illustrator and everything else works as normal with my photos folder opening to reveal all of my imagery. Does anyone have any idea? It's driving me nuts and I really don't want to have to drag all of my images into a folder that I then link to. That's just messy and duplicating files all over my computer. Any assistance would be appreciated or indeed a link to some other discussion where this has been discussed/ resolved. Apologies if so, I have searched but cannot find anything.