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    InDesign download stalled?


      I have installed Adobe CC on my MacBook. Now, from https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/indesign, I have selected InDesign, and there's a message that "InDesign is downloading now..." but after 15 minutes, nothing is happening. Activity Monitor doesn't show anything happening. Is it stalled? How, in this process, can you tell what's going on?

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          xatom Level 1

          Also, when I click the new tray icon which must be for Adobe CC, a blank window opens, sits there, nothing in it.

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            xatom Level 1

            So far, trying to resolve this install issue, which must surely be one of the easiest problems to solve, I have (1) posted to this forum. No response after 2 days. I have (2) called Adobe and had the machine told me that there was no support for this product (InDesign). I have (3) been on chat, and am waiting for customers ahead of me, with no idea of how long that will be. This is the kind of non-support that is the opposite of inspiring and encouraging.