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    Installed LR6 - Missing mfc110u.dll




      Just bought LR6 upgrade and installed it on my Windows 8 64b machine but it wont start although I never had any problem with versions 3, 4, 5 and all their upgrades.


      First, I have to say I was very surprised by the messy setup. All along the way it seems I'm installing the CC version. I double-checked that I had bought a LR6 and it seems normal as I see others have the same experience on the web. The setup also completely failed to detect my LR 5.7 install (in standard folder) and requested my LR5 license number that I had to find back on the box in the attic. Lucky I didn't throw it away.


      Anyway... Now install is finished but LR6 won't start because it complains mfc110u.dll is missing : see screenshot


      I noticed there was a new "Adobe Installation" icon on my desktop and thought maybe that was a 2-step install so I started it. It downloaded loads of stuff and now the icon has been replaced by a beautiful "Adobe Creative Cloud" icon (wtf ?). I started it, only to discover that Lightroom CC ( ! ) was installed and "up to date" : see screenshot ... good, but LR still won't start.


      I checked on the web and it says the missing file is part of a Windows Visual C redistributable. I realized those often come in both 32 and 64-bit, and I didn't see a dual 32/64-bit distinction in the distribution as usual.

      I went back to check the downloaded files and noticed the "payload" subdir contains several ( ! ) versions of the redistributables, 2008-2010-2012, each in both 32 and 64b. So I guess the VC2012-64 is installed.


      Went to see in the "Programs and Features" control panel only to find out that Adobe has installed ALL MS redistributable files in BOTH 32 and 64 bits ( ! ) : see screenshot . Note that the 2013 x64 version it installed is older than the one I had, and it even succeeded in installing the same 2012 x64 version a second time.


      Now I admit I don't know what to do... It seems others have had a Similar problem with Dreamweaver, but the "solution" leaves me in doubt : uninstall ALL MS redistributables, uninstall DW/LR, reinstall MS redistributables (which ones ? I probably have other programs depending on some of them), then reinstall LR !


      Has one of you encountered the same issue ?  Any help is welcome...


      Kind regards,