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    LIghtroom CC


      I have downloaded Lightroom CC.  It will not open.  Help?

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          davidmarx Level 1

          Dear Modocmizer,


          You are going to need to provide a lot more information here to get the help that you deserve.  The community is going to need to know things like:


          • Are you on a Mac or a PC?
          • What version of the Operating System are you running?
          • Are currently a CC subscriber and have you been using previous versions of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?
          • Do you have a firewall or anti-virus software running?
          • Have you tried logging out of your Adobe Creative Cloud App then restarting your computer and logging back in?


          I have a step-by-step article and a video tutorial on How to Upgrade to Lightroom CC that might help.  I'll include the video here as well though I strongly encourage you to read the complete tutorial.



          Hope this helps.



          David Marx

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            modocmizer Level 1

            Thank you.  Logging out and back in allowed me to open the program.