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    Adobe is Scott Kelby correct regarding feature updates to LR 6?


      Just bought my LR 6 update from Adobe site the other day. Works great and is more responsive and faster. Very happy with it.  I went from LR 5. I do not use Adobe creative cloud.


      I watch Kelby's podcasts, and his latest (#11 I think) he said regarding Lightroom 6 for people that bought it (as I do) that Adobe will not ever do feature updates of LR 6 for people that bought it. These feature updates will ONLY be for those that subscribe to Creative Cloud and use LR 6. Kelley said Adobe would release camera profile updates and bug fixes - but never new features.


      Adobe or anyone is this true. Say if Adobe adds a Brush feature to LR 6 - only CC people will get it?

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          davidmarx Level 1

          Dear Mozart11,


          What Scott Kelby says and what's actually true sometimes differ or are misinterpreted. Mr. Kelby, I believe, was trying to tell folks that purchasing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 as a standalone product may prevent you from using other programs that are part of the ever evolving Adobe Creative Cloud subscription program. Lightroom Mobile, for example, is a feature that continues to evolve but that is not available for those like you who are only running Lightroom 6.


          What you will not miss out on though as a Lightroom 6 customer are all of the free .dot updates that become available for your software.  New features are rarely introduced in free .dot updates although it has happened.  (Example: support for high-bit tif files and the color smoothing noise reduction slider.) So you have nothing to fear in terms of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom functionality.  The warning is only that Adobe is a big company and that there are talented people at work in many departments. Limiting your purchase to Lightroom 6 only may prevent you from making use of other tools in the Creative Cloud arsenal.  But of course, you can become a Creative Cloud subscriber, at a future date should something come along that you really want to use.


          I hope this helps clear up this common confusion.


          David Marx


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            mozart11 Level 1

            Thanks David - that was very clear. I appreciate your time and reply.


            Kelby focused on this subject, it seemed weird. Such a pitch for the CC that maybe he knew of something that just wasn't ready for this current 6 release and how buyers are going to miss out on future something or other.


            I've owned each version of LR (like to keep up with new things) - but I was a dedicated Aperture user. And when Apple killed it - I went all in with LR 5 and it is actually a lot better. I like the UI better in Aperture - not a big fan of the module interface, but got use to it. But bottom line is LR processes images faster and more true.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Adobe has moved away from major dot releases for most of its products, providing regular updates via the cloud. I guess what Scott says is logical. It’s worth noting that the trial version is now only available as LR CC 2015 although there is a route to serialize the product into a standalone version of LR6.


              https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/serialize-lightroom-cc-trial-to-activate-as-lightroom -6.html