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    Exposing for the sky? Losing information?

    nagol5178SN Level 1

      Okay, here is my issue. If I take a wide angle landscape shot, the sky is of course white in most cases, even if I'm in the proper place with the sun. Therefore I have to under expose. That causes everything else to be under exposed as well, but usually I can recover it in lightroom as I am shooting raw. But I wonder how dark I can go and still recover the landscape, not including the sky?


      I do have ND filters, I am not a fan of the blur effect with them, I use them for video on bright days. However, I have thought about using them in photography. The thing is though, wouldn't that be no different than just stopping my lens down?


      I also tried the new HDR feature in Lightroom and that didn't help any either. The sky still shows too bright even though it's mixed in with the lower exposure. I've even tried up to 5 different exposures. Now, if I do it manually in photoshop, I can just paint out that layer, instead of using an automatic HDR convertor. But I'd rather not have to do that each time.


      What process do you use in order to take a landscape, HDR or non HDR, getting a good blue or dark sky and a good foreground? If you underexpose the whole photo, how much can you get back in the raw file?