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    Best way to add scripts in my common library folder?


      My use case is not typical.  I have a bunch of Edge projects and I keep most of my js code in a common folder that is above all the projects in the folder hierarchy.  (I minimize the lines of js code in Edge, keep it in external js files.)  That's the dev situation, and when I publish/deploy, I want to keep the same folder structure and not copy scripts into each project.


      I currently use yepnope and relative file paths, and it works fine.  But with the latest version of Edge, surely there's a better way...?  The new Scripts area of the Library copies the code if I select a folder, and in the url variant, it won't accept a relative file path.


      On a different topic, I can't seem to import a saved symbol into the latest version of Edge.  Is this a bug?


      -Doug I.