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    Website Header -> can I use three separate .gif files right next to each other?


      I thought of an idea to connect three cool make-them-yourself .gif moving-picture files and use them as my header. Well, when I tried to connect them together via photo editors, they stop "moving" (if anyone knows an image-editing program that does this properly, please inform!). Anyways, If I can't combine these three together, my only option now is to place them along the top, right next to each other because I sized them specifically to be 1024pixels horizontally (480, 272, and 272) and each are 200 pixels vertically.


      So what I need to know: is it possible for me to "connect"/combine each of these self-designed .gif images along side each other HORIZONTIALLY (NO SPACE AT ALL) along the top of my home page (and eventually every page) to create my header? If I can do this it will make a rater awesome header so I have my fingers so dearly crossed.


      Thanks for any help that can be provided.