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    2 LR CC questions - Editing/Saving in PS CC & working between LR CC/LR 5




      So, I've recently upgraded to Lightroom CC and am having a couple issues now. Previously, with LR 5, I could open a photo in PS to edit and then when I hit cmd+S it would send the saved version back to Lightroom with no fuss, and the document could be closed without any additional save dialog. Now, when I hit cmd+s, it acts like "save as" and asks me where to put it. I just want it to stay where it was and go back to Lightroom. Anybody know how to make it act like LR 5 did? (I also updated PS so who knows, maybe it's something with that?)


      Second question: When I updated to LR CC, it upgraded my catalog. I use the same catalog with LR 5 at school. I was working in that catalog on a school computer and when I plugged my hard drive that contains the catalog into my laptop running LR CC, the work I had done at school wasn't there. It was just like when I had last worked with it on my laptop. Is that a glitch or something?