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    Automate hyperlinks



      I was making some price books in CS6 Indesign and I wanted to be able to batch process the price book's "order numbers" into Hyperlinks - to their respective product pages on the website.


      Looking around on forums I could see that it was possible and found a few scripts that do things similar. It's my first time looking at scripts.


      Using the script and txt doc from Thomas Nielsen listed under "Find/Change to make Hyperlinks" - I found I could make his script search for a certain variable format of "order number" e.g. XX0000, and convert them to hyperlinks pointing to a single URL.


      But I want to also get the XX0000 and add it to the end of the standard URL plus .hml. So they link to their specific product page address.

      I found the "Scripting hyperlinks" forum and that would seem to hold the solution.


      But I don't know how to put them together.

      Any help?



      Scripting hyperlinks

      Using "Find/Change" to make Hyperlinks?   AutoHyperlink (by Thomas B. Nielsen from http://www.nobrainer.dk) I remade it a little to work with CS3.