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    Version of Lightroom on a Grandfathered plan?


      So currently it looks like I'm possibly on a grandfathered plan. I'm running Lighroom 5.7 build 991162 and I have a creative cloud membership but Adobe CC doesn't reckon there are any updates, but Lightroom keeps telling me there is one! I noticed that there is Lightroom CC (2015) in the creative cloud desktop app, but it tells me that I can "Try" it rather than "Install" it.


      When I log into the adobe website, I can see that my plan is a "Photoshop Photography Program" but it's the same amount that I'm currently playing in AUD as the current Photography plan. Does this mean I'm running on a Grandfathered plan? How do I make sure I'm running the latest version and updates? I thought by having a CC membership means that I have registered for all updates given it's a subscription!???


      Any help would be appreciated.