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    Please Help Connection Error


      This is going to be long so apologies in advance. Okay here goes. My computer is set to reset every time it's cut off; Meaning i have to reinstall my web browser every time i use it. This is not a problem, actually it's preferred. Anywho i use Firefox and as you all know FireFox doesn't come with Flash Player like Google Chrome so up until now i've been installing Flash with absolutely no problems and then one day i'm installing Flash and i notice the installer window is light grey and yellow not black like it use to be.



      i go ahead with the installation and it stops at 5% and says "Connection Error" i try again and the same thing happens and it only allows me two tries. i look up at the url and i see get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/ notice the number "2"? Anyways i turn my computer off and back on again i reinstall FireFox and go to install Flash again and the "2" and the old black install window pops up and everything works normally. This happened off and on for weeks so now i know that when there is "2" in the url to restart the computer til there isn't one. This was an inconvenience but i could live with it.




      But now there is no "2" in the url but it still displays the light grey window and won't let me move pass 5% no matter how much i restart my computer it does that. And i've noticed i'm not the only one having this problem. i've tried everything that i know to get this thing to work. Older versions of Flash Player and offline installers keep telling me to uninstall FireFox but that's my web browser of choice. And i hate Chrome with a passion; So please can someone here help me because i'm totally stumped, Thanks in advance.




      My system is Windows XP 32 Bit

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          tylerxx Level 1

          Sorry i meant to type


          i reinstall FireFox and go to install Flash again and the "2" is gone and the old black install window pops up and everything works normally.

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            Johnny Quest


            From control panel and choose "system" in the system properties what service pack do you have (listed ABOVE the line "registered to")?

            What version of Firefox do you have?

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              Johnny Quest Level 1



              Don't understand your Firefox problem as you described it with repeated installing - sounds like a portable installer version. With regards to the rest of you comments:

              The get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and get.adobe.com/flashplayer/  are not significant the first one is an alias to the second one. Adobe flash has this bizzare (read F**ked up)  installer that upon completion will delete itself. This is absolutely something that NO OTHER INSTALLER DOES and in this case where an error is encountered it is absolutely the WRONG WRONG WRONG thing to do. This is a stub installer that goes and gets the real installer. Why does it exist ? Probably to make it easy to add extra stuff on your PC such as "McAfee Security Scan Plus".  Quite similar to CNET Download.com which I do not trust any longer for similar behavior.  You are correct in that the message "connection error" you get a "retry" button so 2 tries then the installer gives up exits and deletes itself. Just make a copy of that file - it's only 1- 2MB and keep it in a folder and then make a copy the installer before each run. That will save you going to get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ every time to get the same installer. Once the problem is fixed you get rid of that installer file.

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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Hi tylerxx,

                We recently updated the online installer, which is why you're seeing the new light-grey installer window instead of the old black window.

                What Service Pack version do you have installed on your XP system?