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    Need serial number for LR4.4 bundled with Samsung NX2000 camera. [was: I'm leaving my question here because I don't think any humans work for Adobe]


      A good while back, I purchased a new Samsung NX2000 camera, and it came with Adobe Lightroom 4.4.  I never used Lightroom, I always used other apps.  Now that I'm learning more about the functionality of the camera, I have it set to save a jpg and a RAW image whenever I take a picture, but my other software won't recognise a RAW image.


      After logging into Samsung's website and finding my product, which I had registered, there was a link to download Lightroom 4.4. So, I downloaded the software, installed the application, but the software is asking me for a serial number to activate it, which I never received.  As far as I can tell, it looks like this version is so old that it's not actively supported anymore.


      Would anyone out there at Adobe, if they exist, tell me how I can acquire a serial number and activate the software before the 30 day trial period runs out?  The software was supposed to come with the purchase of a Samsung NX2000 and lens.  On Samsung's website, they only have a link posted where it can be downloaded from, but they don't provide an activation code. Thanks.