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    LR6 CC Slows down PC and some serious lag in develop module




      for some random reason sometimes when im going through recently imported and standard preview photo's it lags the hell of my PC or LR6 esp in develope module.

      i check the performance processor running at 100% ram fully used. then when i restart sometimes its ok with only 80-90% used when doing the editing and not lag???


      i have killed off other programs in background and still sometimes same issue.. very annoying. Gpu even max out.. but is oke when program runs smoothly?? its just random??


      whats wrong with it.. is there serious memory leak?? some kind of bug?? barely do anything on PC or the program when it does mess up..



      CPU:intel 4670k

      Ram:2400mhz trident 8gb

      Motherboard: Maximus hero VII

      GPU: GTX 960

      OS: Win 7 64



      all drivers are updated.