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    Will NVidia Quadro K1100M Work With Lightroom CC?



      I have a Dell 3800M laptop which I got for working with Lightroom, primarily. I just installed Lightroom CC, and in the Performance section under Edit\Preferences I have Use Graphics Card checked, but in the list of hardware being used it shows the Intel 4600 card showing as the graphics processor and not the NVidia Quadro K1100M which is also there, and which I assume should be the card being used. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to choose which card to use, and the current performance with the Intel card is really substandard. Worse than with Lightroom 5.

      Does anyone know of a fix for this? Or is this card not useable with Lightroom CC?

      Thanks in advance.

      Richard Naismith

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          Hi, I have a Lenovo W520 and this is what I did to make the Nvidia Quadro work. (By the way, I agree with you: the performance with the Intel 4600 is worse than LR 5).


          So, I went to Edit->Preferences and in the Performance I unticked the "Use Graphics Processor", then OK, opened this again and clicked "Restart Lightroom"... I was just curious to see if the performance changed. It did... it imporved! Then, in this same preferences window I clecked System Info anf to my surprise the NVidia card was shown! (Graphics Processor Info: Quadro K1100M/PCIe/SSE2). Immediately I chose again "Use Graphics Processor", and now the Nvidia was chosen... Why? I have no clue. But may be it's worth for you to give it a try.