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    Lightroom 6 upgrade instal problems


      Lightroom 6 upgrade. When I attempt to run lightroom6 , it ask me to sign in, when signed in it comes up with the message, 'serial number is valid, but cannot find suitable product on this machine'. Tried down loading as trial, still cannot get passed this prompt.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          To use an Upgrade serial number you need to have either a Licensed previous version installed on the system or, with previous version releases, a valid/real serial number from an older/previous version.


          Usually with every version up to 6 when you installed LR and typed in an Upgrade serial number it would ask you for the serial number from a previous/older version. Once you type that older serial number in the licensing would go through and the program would run normally.


          Do you have a version of LR from 1 > 5? Do you have a valid/REAL serial number for any of them?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            For some reason your other post was deleted. Here is what was in it and my reply below.


            Yes I have a valid copy of lightroom 4 installed on my machine. At no time has it asked me for the previous lightroom 4 serial no.

            Lightroom 6 appears to be in my applications folder but every time I tried to run it it comes up with the question, can't find the qualifying product.

            I've uninstalled/reinstalled still sam problem. Could it be something stupid e.g. download Lightroom cc?


            END QUOTE:


            Do you have the Creative Cloud desktop app installed? Do you have an Adobe ID set up?


            From what I here LR 6 download is the same for both the stand alone or CC versions. It is what happens after you install that makes it either the CC or stand alone version.


            You could try starting, running, LR 4 before you click on the LR 6 icon. Once LR 4 is loaded into memory LR 6 might find it.


            If that fails and you have the ACC desktop app installed and you have an Adobe ID open the CC app and go to preferences and Sign Out of your account. Then click the gear icon again and select Quit. Then try starting LR 6.

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              shivendras8158522 Level 1

              If you have the issue with the serial number upgrade screen where you need to have an original product serial number in order to qualify the upgrade check screen, then follow as-

              As it was an upgrade Lighroom 6.0, complete installation can only be found if the previous version' serial number is set in upon asked for. Please make sure to have the previous version ( Lightroom 1.0, Lighroom 2.0, Lightroom 3.0, Lightroom 4.0 LIghtroom 5.0 ) serial handy with you while installing the Lightroom 6.0 so that when it asks for the serial number of the prevoius qualifying version, you can select the product from the drop down and can put in the serial number to qualify the upgrade check screen.

              Just to summarize in context of the upgrade Lightroom 6.0 product, the next screen( serial number upgrade ) that you are prompted to enter the serial number of the prior version of the software is for the previous version of the software which you must have had installed on your system and you might have accessed to avail the upgrade pricing of the Lightroom 6.0 and if did not have the previous version ever before and mistakely bought the upgrade product then please return the application and buy the full application to successfully install it,

              To buy the product, visit at-

              https://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/software._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_softwar e_sl_mostpopular.html


              If you have had the previous version of the software but you do not have the serial number ( as you did not register and/or you did not make the cloud note regarding the serial number ), then there is only alternative can be utilized if you have the proof of purchase ( do not have the proof of purchase, ask your reseller to provide you the proof of copy ) or the order number if bought from the Adobe itself or the email you accssed to buy the product from the Adobe as there would be transaction listed under of your previous version ( Lightroom 1.0, Lighroom 2.0, Lightroom 3.0, Lightroom 4.0 LIghtroom 5.0 ), then you can find the help regarding the serial number in two ways,

              1) First contact your reseller and ask them to provide the help as it was bought from them on the basis of the proof of purchase or ask them to help you with the proof of purchase if you do not have.

              2) Contact Adobe support to get the help as there might be chances of getting the help within next 5-6 days once after the proof of purchase is verified from the reseller. Contact Adobe Support here



              If you have the previous version of the software installed on your system but do not have the serial number, you can find the help with the serial number here-

              https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/serialize-lightroom-cc-trial-to-activate-as-lightroom -6.html

              Valid proof of Purchase-


              If you have registered the product to one of your adobe id, please login to https://accounts.adobe.com/ with your adobe id see under the Plans and Products , where you would have all your products listed with the serial numbers.

              Please try the above if that helps and we will be glad if that helps you to the successful installation.


              Thank you.