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    Differences in color/contrast in CR/PS


      I'm seeing differences between how I see images in Camera Raw and then in Photoshop. Color space is the same throughout, sRGB. I've seen that sometimes this happens because the monitor color profile is off, but it's also set in sRGB so I don't know what else to try. I guess the difference is more noticeable in the "black & white" image, where some blue tonalities are lost and the constrast is way different. It's probably not as dramatic as some other examples I've seen around here but it's there. Any help?






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          FrediAshes Level 1

          Ok, I'm guessing I'm in the club with these guys: Camera Raw 8.7.1 color issues


          Wasn't this addressed yet? Man.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You haven’t said what computer platform and OS you’re running in case there is an issue in the OS that is affecting things.  Perhaps some version of Windows since you set your monitor profile to sRGB?


            You also haven’t said which version of ACR or PS you’re running.  Can we assume CC 2014.2.2 & ACR 9 since it just came out?


            One suggestion I would have is to turn on or off the GPU-acceleration support in each of PS and ACR in case one or the other of those is affecting how profiles are being used.


            The other thing I’d make a comment about is the concentric rings in the bottom left image which is maybe a Photoshop image since there is no exclamation point?

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              FrediAshes Level 1

              Right. Windows 7, 64 bits. And yes, all updated.


              I already tried the acceleration thing because I saw it in another thread. No luck.


              The circles are gradient banding I asumed. Not visible in Camera Raw indeed, but there's not much one can do about gradient banding except adding some noise, etc, is it? I would say I'm noticing a lot more of it since I updated, anyway... maybe I'm doing something wrong.



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                mark-heaps Adobe Community Professional

                When you import to Photoshop, are you bringing it in as a Smart Object from ACR? If so, are you keeping the same bit depth? Camera RAW doesn't preview in sRGB, it only converts/applies the profile upon import to the workspace/image mode of PS. If ACR worked in sRGB it would counter the RAW data captured by your camera.


                Perhaps there is something happening in translation between the two. Try importing to PS with the native color space of your camera, zero conversion, and see if it holds true to both appearances. Keep all bit depths, etc at 1:1. Conversions like perceptual, adaptive, saturation, etc, all play a factor in conversion.


                Good luck!

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                  FrediAshes Level 1

                  Why would it counter anything? I mean, if you're working in RAW, CR could show a sRGB preview without it being "working in sRGB" only. Or of any color space as long as you could see it. I'm not saying that what you say is not true, anyway, just wondering why it couldn't work like that. And yes, I was keeping the same bit depth (16) and I work with objects. BUT, I did change the color space to AdobeRBG ("widest" color space in the camera), keeping all the same settings along the way, zero conversion, and the difference now is in fact minimal (which now I'm guessing it should be none at all, but maybe there is none and I'm just perceiving it because this already messed with my head and I want to see it).



                  I also did the same but keeping the conversions of the other image and even in Adobe RGB it looks different. Less different but still (maybe there's no point in adding screenshots, btw, but there are differences, believe in my word):



                  What I notice is that even in sRGB (which is the color space I want to work in after all, most of the time) some photos don't change that drastically (always being consistent with the workflow and all):




                  All this makes me think that maybe then it's some of my adjustments that get lost, sometimes, depending of how much I "pushed" the image. But it seems weird to me that even in sRGB you could lost things like adding blue to the shadows (most noticeable thing that gets messed up in the bw pics). I'm kind of not trusting CR now (ha!). Could that be it?



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                    mark-heaps Adobe Community Professional

                    Well the shift in what is affected sometimes more than others is relative to what the colors/saturation are. Even though it is R-G-B, those aren't equally distributed in the RGB image modes. Check out this diagram from Chromatacity.


                    So in that you can see that the spaces bordered for each mode, as a section of RGB, are quite different. So if you have an image that has a great deal of green, shifting it from ProPhoto RGB to sRGB is going to have a more dramatic shift than Adobe RGB to sRGB, if you are using colors that are wider/farther out in the total gamut range. I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think Adobe Camera Raw displays the preview within sRGB. That would defeat the purpose of shooting in ProPhoto on your camera raw file.

                    So somewhere it feels like this is a workflow issue. Where files are getting converted and some of those edge color values are being recalculated for the gamut shift.


                    Hope that helps.


                    - Mark H.