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    Trying to import boujou .ma tracking data into after effects, seems like it doesn't support the file.


      I have tried everything to try and get this to work; i have tried multiple settings in boujou, i have imported the .ma file into maya and exported with baked keyframes and only the camera selected etc. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I am wondering whether Adobe has cut support for .ma files altogether, which is a real pain in my *** as the built in 3d track just isn't good enough. I have tried dragging the file into after effects, i have tried importing it neither of which do anything. The .ma files don't even show up, i have to select 'all files' under the file type when i choose import to even see the files, and when i click them it doesn't recognize it as tracking data, it'll try and import it as a .PNG file or something. I can't seem to find any plugins that would enable me to import .ma files. I just need that tracking data as a Camera in my scene and i don't care how it is done. Additionally, i have tried exporting as a .txt file and copying and pasting that data into a camera, which doesn't work (unless im doing it completely wrong).


      Thankyou for reading