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    Catalog won't open, need help


      I use a PC.  Recently subscribed to Adobe CC, installing PS CC.  Then when LR CC was announced, I installed that to replace my old LR4.  Now I am having difficulty opening my most recent catalog.  And other catalogs as well.


      The message that pops up says the catalog is not writable and cannot be opened.  Under that, it says it could be due to incorrect permissions.


      I looked into permissions and tried to figure out what could be wrong, but that did not fix the problem.


      In addition, I have noticed that a couple of folders have disappeared.  When I was looking for them in older catalogs, a message came up that asked me to update, which I did, and the older catalog opened.  But now it seems that all the catalogs I updated cannot be opened!


      Help with this would be much appreciated.