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    I bought Lightroom 6 but I got Lightroom CC instead

    Photophart Level 1

      I have the photography bundle through CC. I only use Photoshop cc 2014. My Version of Lightroom was the standalone Lightroom 5.7. I paid for an upgrade to Lightoom 6 and did not want to use Lightroom CC. But when I install the Lightroom 6 package It shows up as Lightroom CC.  This is annoying because if I'd wanted Lightroom CC I could have installed it from the Creative Cloud Interface at no cost as part of the photography package. All of this means that Adobe charged me $80.00 and change for something I didn't get and then gave me something I didn't want. I've asked them for a refund to no avail. Anyone else seen this rather bizarre approach to marketing from Adobe?