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    Can I buy more than 1 year of CC at once?


      BCTV is in the final steps of obtaining a grant that will allow us to finally upgrade from CS6 to CC. We are a small non-profit community access station in CT and we used to rely on Adobe's software donations to Techsoup.org to affordable acquire the CS Production Suite. Since their has been no activity on Adobe's part (no donations since CC release of even the CS suite) that I've seen to continue their generous relationship with Techsoup.org, we will have to go with the standard non-profit pricing for CC.


      Question is, can we buy multiple years at once? We don't always have access to these grants and our annual budget in minuscule. So we want to get as much CC as we can out of this grant. We will probably have enough money allocated to get 2 licenses for 2 years each. We have no need for more than 2 licenses at once and if we don't spend the money on what it is specifically allocated for, we must give it back. So, please tell me if the purchased licenses 1-year period starts at the time of purchase or when they're installed? Can we purchase 4 1-year licenses and hold on to 2 of them until next year?


      Thank you,

      Doug - BCTV