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    Lightroom 6 (cc) .. crashing on load.

    Shaneman Level 1

      Horrible experience with Lightroom 6 so far.


      Installed newest version, it upgraded my ver 5 catalog, presented me with a blue box in develop module and could not edit any of my photos..

      (No guidance about updating your graphics drivers before hand.. upgrading drivers fixed the problem but I had to figure that out on Facebook and Product forums.)


      Several messages about corrupted catalog since upgrade.
      Never happened before 6.. after multiple repair attempts, I've been able to load it eventually.. thankfully


      Now LR 6 crashes on launch. Every time.

      Uninstalled. Re-installed. Signed out of CC.. back in.. nothing.

      Still crashes.

      Really Adobe? I've got photos to edit.. give us LR 5 back until you fix this mess.

      Screenshot 2015-04-26 08.44.26.png