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    EXtractoR not showing multi-passes list

    djfilms9 Level 1

      For the first time, I imported exr multi-pass files. To extract the passes for compositing tweaks, I duplicated a layer with the imported exr file, thinking I need to extract a pass for each copy of the layer. I choose the 3D effect>EXtractoR, and in the effects control panel it says "Channel info (click for dialog box)". I roll over those words, and the cursor changes to a hand, BUT, on clicking, no dialog box appears. If I click on the letters below R, G or B, I get a dialog box, but the passes are not listed in the pop-ups: I only see B,G and R as a list.


      Am I misunderstanding the process to extract each of the multipasses or not creating proper EXR files? Any help gratefully accepted.


      I'm on a MacPro OSX 10.9.3, AE CS6. The exr file is produced from Vray in Cinema4D, and contains diffuse, specular, GI, reflection, etc.