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    Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan not available in my country


      Hello everyone. I am a photographer from Montenegro, Southeast Europe. As you may know, a lot of people are using pirated programs in this region. Adobe's decision to go with subscriptions is a great thing (many are not going to agree with me but whatever, my oppinion) but I have a problem. When I go to Photography plan (Photoshop + Lightroom) it says that Adobe CC is not available in my country. How's that? We even recently got option to pay with PayPal on the internet, we can use our Visa/any other cards to pay and shop online... Why there should be restrictions based on a country? Is there a way for me to buy Photography plan? I know I can buy LR as a standalone program but I would rather get a bundle with PS or should I just continue using pirated software?


      I know couple of photographers in my country who wanted to get onto subscription wagon but if there is no way for us to do that - you are just making it easier for us to go for pirated software. And I would really like to use your programs legally because PS + LR are great pieces of software and your subscription plans are making them very affordable.


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