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    Lightroom File Transfers




      I am trying to transfer my Lightroom 4 catalog from one computer to another. I have Lightroom 4 installed already on both computers and currently just switch between the 2 computers depending on the catalog I need to access at the time. However recently the graphics card in one computer is causing some problems and I now need the catalog on to the other. SO! I have copied the Lightroom location on to a USB and transferred it over to the other computer. When I choose "open catalog" I am able to do so. However when I attempt to "find missing folders" the new path is not able to be created. The Lightroom catalog is appearing as a file not a folder. I copied everything from the original Lightroom destination on to the USB so nothing should technically be missing...



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          The LR catalog is just a single file.


          Your pictures are not "in" the catalog. Your pictures are on your hard drive and just pointed to by the catalog.

          If you are copying your catalog from one computer to another, you also need to copy the pictures to the new computer.


          One way to do this all at once is to "export as catalog" on the old computer which has the option of grouping the referenced pictures with the catalog.