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    LR6 Desktop Version


      Hi. I just installed LR6 desktop version, upgrading from the latest LR5 version. When I launch the program I receive the error "The Lightroom Catalog named "Lightroom 5 Catalog" cannot be opened because of another application already has it opened. Quit the other copy of Lightroom before trying to launch."  There is no other application opened or that@ ! is using the catalog, especially since I tried to open LR6 immediately upon turning on the computer. I cannot access LR at this point and has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you upgrade the LR5 catalog during installation of LR6


          If so you should have a LR6 catalog with -2 added to the name.

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            seegee52 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick response. I did the usual LR install that I have done with every other new version and so I will check to see if the catalog updated automatically. Thanks for your suggestion

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              In the directory containing your catalog (*.lrcat), see if there is a file with the ".lock" extension. If yes, delete the "*.lock" file.

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                seegee52 Level 1

                Update: I re-installed LR6 since I did not see it in the Adobe folder with all the previous LR versions and thought there may have been an install error. At program launch I receive the same catalog error and LR6 is still not in the Adobe folder with the LR versions on my local drive and I cannot find it. I looked to see contact info direct to Adobe and so far I've had no luck other than the forums.

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                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Previous versions were listed with their dot release numbers e.g.

                  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.4

                  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1


                  The new version is under Adobe Lightroom (no number)


                  Look inside the Adobe Lightroom folder and find the application: lightroom


                  Try double-clicking on lightroom to launch or on Windows you can right-click and pin to the task bar and launch from there with a single click.

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                    seegee52 Level 1

                    Thank you for your suggestion.

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                      seegee52 Level 1

                      Update: I updated the 5.7 catalog to v6 and it is working. Thank you both for your suggestions and helpful hints. I prefer not to be part of CC at this point, which is why I purchased this incremental update from 5.7 in the event Adobe ceases to release non-Cloud versions.


                      Thanks again!