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    Lightroom 6 for Mac crashes more or less randomly and deletes files without user input


      I have Lightroom 6 for Mac (not CC!) running under OS X 10.10.3 on a Mid-2010 MBP.


      It crashed the first time (without any error message) while I clicked on a development preset for a dng file. After restarting it, the file was gone. I found it in the system’s trash. I reimported the file and the same happened again. Later, I worked on a cr2 file, pasting development settings I had copied from another file. LR crashed several times without any message while trying to paste the development settings. After a few crashes and restarts, it did not crash anymore during the operation. It crashed two seconds later when I pressed an arrow key to navigate to the next file.


      How do I proceed?


      Thanks, Chris