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    Opening website in new window from Digital Editions


      I have links inside my .epub but when using a PC they either open inside the frame(with no ability to scroll or navigate) or tell you that you can open in new window.  The latter is fine but there's no clear demarcation as to when this will happen.  How do I make it so all links open to new window automatically?

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          I was having the same exact problem, and finally found a solution that works.


          1. Export the InDesign file as an .epub (Mine was fixed Layout)
          2. Change the file extension ".epub" to ".zip" (Now you can open the folder and view the .xhtml files)
          3. Open the .zip file
          4. Locate the "OEBPS" folder and open it
          5. Open one of the .xhtml files (I opened them in Dreamweaver)
          6. Locate the url and add ( target="_blank" ) now it should look something like this ... <a target="_blank" href= "http://www.yoururlhere.html">
              - If you have a lot of .xhtml files that need to be changed, you can use the Find/Change feature for this, or change each file separately
          7. Save the .xhtml file you just changed
          8. Now, you will need to download "ePubPack", just Google it, it will come up ( I was hesitant to do so at first, but had no problems and it was super easy to use)
          9. Once downloaded, under "ePub mimetype file" select your "mimemetype" file within the .zip file
          10. Under "ePub output file" just type in a new name for your file, it will save it as an .epub for you


          Now go through your new .epub and check the links, your links should now open in a new window, it worked for me!