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    Issue with Lightroom CC 2015's before and after (\) - Windows 7

    Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Okay, I downloaded Lr CC 2015 and everything is working great except for one thing - before and after. I edit an image then move to another (settings synced but needs a few refinements). I finish the edit and hit \ to take a look at where it started. When I do so, Lr decides to go back to the previous image, thinks about it, then shows me the before of the correct image. After the first time pressing \ it doesn't happen again, unless you move to another image. A little irritating, but something I can put up with. Is anyone having the same issue? Everything is up to date; graphics, OS, etc. Also worth noting, this does not happen with Lr 5.7.


      Any ideas, or should I post a bug report over on feedback.photoshop.com?


      Thank you,