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    User Presets removed from right-click menu?  Why???


      I updated to LR CC 2015 yesterday and it appears that User Presets are no longer available in the right-click menu under Develop Settings.  Am I missing something?  Why in the world would they do this?  I am used to being able to grab a series of exposures for an HDR and apply a pre-export preset before sending them to Photomatix Pro.  I don't want to do this on import, because I shoot a mix of single exposures and bracketed sets, and I use different pre-Photomatix settings depending on the type of image and the style I'm going for in the final result.  Without the right-click option (which was already causing issues in 5.7), I now have to move my cursor over to my presets on the left side of the screen, apply the desired preset to the selected image, then move all the way across the screen to Sync the rest of the highlighted exposures, then go back to the right-click menu to export them to Photomatix.  What a complete pain.  The new HDR merge is nice for doing very natural HDRs of static subjects like architectural interiors, but it falls far short of the versatility and look of Photomatix Pro, and the deghosting is woefully inadequate compared to the robust options available in PP.  And, frankly, the whole program runs a whole lot slower than 5.7 did.  I'm feeling like my subscription was a huge waste of money.